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This site is going to give you HONESTY!

To begin, I promise you would be amazed at how many (over 95%) of the Supplement review sites out on the web push the same few high commission items and claim them to be the best because they payout the higher commission! If you go to ANY review site that has Prime Male, Testo Fuel, Instant Knock Out and or Testogen as their top picks, chances are 99.999% they are a scam review site. The other great scam is some companies put THEIR products above all others and give bad reviews to good products because the public trusts what they read without checking. The top spot of the popular “Top 10” in each category are their products, then the top commission products follow. Lies, lies and more lies!

Therefore, We hereby declare, reveal and otherwise scream out that this site is owned and operated by EMS Organcs, LLC. We are the makers of Testo Gold and we promote the product all over the site. Our intent is to give you the information you need to make an informed decision about what product is right for you. We hope you will try our product, but that is totally up to you.

There are a lot of competitive product reviews that are on this site as well. In order to get you the HONEST information, we outsourced the writing of the reviews to a 3rd party. Then they will tell you the average ratings the product gets on sites like Amazon, GNC and Vitamin Shoppe so we cannot lie to you! Actual user reviews will determine the product rating, not us! We DO get a commission on some of those as well, but we do not have control of the ranking so we are not going to sway you into buying any product, let alone a commissioned product. We also do NOT have a top 10 that we can stuff with the “commission” products either.

Oh yeah.. We also need to disclose that any and all spokespersons, like in the YouTube video are hired spokes models.

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