Frequently Asked Questions

Can I purchase one bottle at the discounted price without a subscription that automatically bills me every month?


EMS Organics, Unlike many supplement companies that offer so called “free trials”, but ONLY with a subscription will never automatically bill you and send products. We offer you the same type of discount that others do to get you on “fire & forget” plans. IF in the future a number of returning customers wish to be on such a program, we will make a decision whether or not to offer it.


Where and how are your products manufactured?

The entire family of EMS Organics products are manufactured here in the US in an FDA-approved state of the art facility and are manufactured in accordance with cGMP (CURRENT Good Manufacturing Practices).


What stores carry your products?

In order to keep overhead and product cost low, EMS Organics’ products are sold only online.


Do you offer free samples?

When introducing any supplement to your daily regimen it takes 3-4 weeks to start noticing results, so while we don’t offer free samples we do offer a no-questions-asked, 30-day money back guarantee.


I haven’t gotten my shipment, can you find out where it is?

We have full tracking on every shipment. If ever you encounter an issue simply open a ticket HERE.


Can Ripped Gold™ & Testo Gold™ be taken together?

Yes, using Ripped Gold™ & Testo Gold™ together is safe, and the natural ingredients in each compliment one another and can lead to faster results.


Why should I take Ripped Gold™ ?

Ripped Gold™ is a synergistically formulated thermogenic fat burner booster that contains proven ingredients in substantial potencies. We don’t employ exaggerated claims or marketing gimmicks! Ripped Gold™ is a credible no-frills fat burner that generates results.

Ripped Gold™ is transparent as to all the ingredients as well as the exact amounts of each one to ensure that you know exactly what you are taking. The exact amount of each natural ingredient is on the label, unlike companies that often use “proprietary blend” messaging to hide dosages.

In addition, the ingredients in Ripped Gold™ have been shown to work in numerous clinical studies. We are just as serious about what you put in your body as we are with what we put in ours. We have carefully chosen each ingredient based not only on the fact that they work, but ALSO that they work in harmony with all of the other ingredients included. Ripped Gold™ is the “Gold Standard” fat burner due to the ingredients selected and potencies that will have a genuine impact on your body.


Is Ripped Gold™ safe for women, and why?

Yes, due to the all natural ingredients contained in Ripped Gold™  it is safe for women to take in order to  safely enhance your metabolism. There are absolutely no ingredients contained in Ripped Gold™ that would be unsafe for women.

Ripped Gold™ isn’t for “men-only” and does not include any ingredients that would be likely to have adverse affects in women. All of the potent ingredients in Ripped Gold™ are safe, natural, and they work with your body regardless of gender. Ripped Gold™ can be effective for both women and men. Ripped Gold Ingredients.

How do I take the pills?

Due to our potent all natural formula and Targeted Delivery System™ you need only take two capsules per day. Take 1 capsule of Ripped Gold™  in the morning with a meal or snack, and one capsule mid-day with a meal or snack for optimal results. You should avoid taking Ripped Gold™ in the evening because the caffeine may prevent sleep.


What are the advantages of taking both Ripped Gold™ and Testo Gold™ at the same time?

There are numerous advantages for taking both at.

The ultimate objective is to increase overall health and wellbeing and to aid in improving your physique. One helps build lean muscle and improve male libido, while the other helps to burn fat. You could take one without the other, but when taken together, the ingredients work synergistically and can lead to profound results.

Building lean muscle naturally helps you burn fat because muscle uses fat for fuel. When taking a testosterone booster like Testo Gold™ , you are also taking a supplement that by virtue of its ability to build muscle, will simultaneously promote fat loss. When combined with Ripped Gold™ , you have an extremely potent fat-burning, muscle-building formula…but how potent is it?

Taking only one of them can be extremely beneficial, as they each contain 12 ingredients that are in significant potencies. But imagine amplifying the benefits by taking both at the same time. You would be taking a total of 24 ingredients with an overall potency of about 6 grams per serving.


Are there any problems with the ingredients over a long period of time?

We have not seen any evidence that would indicate any issues with taking these ingredients for a long period of time. Some people take these ingredients on a daily basis for years. While it is certainly possible that there could be some exceptions depending on your body type, your body’s reaction to certain ingredients, etc., it is generally safe to take any of the ingredients we use for a long period of time. As a general rule of thumb, simply stop taking any supplement that you believe may be causing unwanted side effects.

Always consult a medical professional if you have any concerns or questions about supplementation.

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