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Since Testo Gold has earned our #1 rating, this Testo Gold review will be longer than most other reviews on this site. Our goal is to explain in detail how and why this testosterone supplement was picked, based on its formula design alone!

Engineered for performance — with all natural ingredients, painstaking design and smart stacking strategies.

If you have arrived at this testosterone booster review for Testo Gold and are looking for a great testosterone supplement, then you’re already well aware of the benefits of increasing reduced testosterone levels due to age. You’re taking an all-important step towards restoring and enhancing your overall masculinity, recapturing the abounding energy, higher endurance and the seemingly limitless libido you experienced in your youth.

Being in the 40+ club we’ve personally reviewed dozens of natural testosterone booster nutritional supplements and have narrowed down our findings to create our 10 Top Rated list of testosterone boosters. This Testo Gold review will cover everything from our experience and knowledge about the supplement to show you why we’ve rated it the #1 testosterone booster on our list of top 10.

With its synergistic formula of all natural ingredients, coupled with its State of the Art Targeted Delivery System, Testo Gold by EMS Organics, is now our brand new #1 rated testosterone booster and trust me when I say, it was not an easy decision due to the fact that the top 3 are very good.

Quick Take: Testo Gold helps boosts testosterone levels both directly as well as indirectly by increasing T production, strengthening T-helpers, and neutralizing T-killers. Its 13 ingredients, the most of most competitors, and “synergistic formulation max out these benefits for BIG test boosts. I started taking Testo Gold for its overall ingredient makeup & quality; I continued taking it because I could see and feel it working. This is why Testo Gold is my #1-rated Testosterone product (and the one that I personally use).

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Testo Gold testosterone booster picture of supplement bottle all 3 sides of bottle front of bottle, supplement facts ingredients label and directions informational label side of bottle


  • Targeted Delivery System – Delivers nutrients where they are optimally absorbed.
  • All 13 ingredients are top-shelf: Advanced & in their high-potency forms
  • Extra support for men over 30 who want to reverse age-related T decline
  • BioPerine® black pepper extract to improve absorption of the entire formula
  • Suite of B Vitamins to further improve the synergy and absorption of supplied nutrients.

The Testo Gold formula design is hyper-focused on increasing T, and executes it, both by targeting more testosterone pathways, and targeting its delivery to where you will get the most benefit than any other product you can buy.

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Every testosterone booster lives or dies by the ingredients in their formulas. Testo Gold is no different, so let’s take a closer look at all 13 high quality ingredients and explore why the initial excitement over this product, why it is considered our top recommendation for natural testosterone boosters, and why this Testo Gold review left it rated in our Top 3 products for 2018.

Testo Gold review of supplement ingredients testosterone booster nutrition label

Tribulus Terrestris – Arguably, one of the most popular herbs in T boosting stacks, Tribulus Terrestris is a highly effective libido booster and while the makers of Testo Gold don’t brag about its ability to increase testosterone levels, it has shown promise in improving testosterone in older males who have pre-existing low levels of our always important masculine hormone.

Fenugreek – is an ancient herb that works in so many wonderful ways, and has numerous masculine benefits including libido enhancement and body composition. Although it to isn’t touted as testosterone booster, it is important to note that it inhibits aromatase and 5-alpha-reductase which lowers levels of estrogen and DHT. Fenugreek has been shown to increase sexual desire and performance in men, as well as naturally remedy impotence.

Ashwagandha – is widely known as an adaptogen, which serves to help lower levels of cortisol, and makes the body more resilient to the damaging effects of chronic stress, but it also has other manly benefits. In the results of one study, a branded form of Ashwagandha (KSM-66®) was shown to elevate levels of sperm by 167%, testosterone by 17%, and LH by 34%.

Mucuna Pruriens (Velvet Bean) – Enhances testo & virility Testo Gold is standardized to 15% levodopa, an exact level of active ingredient for better effectiveness & safety. This important ingredient has been shown to reduce the affects of stress on the body, which has a direct correlation to reduced testosterone levels.

DHEA – works like a natural anabolic steroid without the adverse affects synonymous with anabolic steroids. This is due to the fact that it it boosts production of natural growth hormones found naturally in the body that help build lean muscle. DHEA fights fatigue and improves production of important sex hormones like testosterone.

Longjack Extract (Tongat Ali) – Enhances testosterone levels and muscle strength while decreasing levels of stress hormone ‘cortisol ’. Research suggests it promotes a better testosterone to cortisol ratio. Athletes have long benefitted from using

Longjack – Improves performance and boost testosterone. In addition, it also has been found to not only protect and boost immune function, but also enhance muscle tone and strength, as well as its ability to reduce body fat levels.

Zinc – Plays an all-important role in both the production of hormones and balancing them, including increasing testosterone naturally. Zinc deficiencies are associated with a significant decrease in serum testosterone concentrations, which can negatively impact fertility and lower libido. Zinc is a metal, and is one of the essential trace elements because only small quantities of zinc are required to maintain optimal health levels. This also means, that when your body is not getting the proper level of zinc, it can and often does have negative health consequences. This can be incredibly important for those individuals who are struggling to maintain their strength and physique as they age.

B6 & B12 – Both B6 and B12 are very essential vitamins that help maintain healthy nervous and cardiovascular systems, and play a role in multiple metabolic functions in the body. Neither of these nutrients can be made nor stored in the body. Therefore, you need to replenish these vitamins regularly.

Additional benefits include maintaining energy levels, increased cognitive function and focus, boosts in mood and aids with depression, maintenance in heart health, aiding in digestion and metabolism, and helps to produce healthy levels of red blood cells and prevent anemia.

Bioperine® – is made and trademarked by Sabinsa, and is a standardized piperine composition derived from black pepper extract. It is widely known for bioenhancement, which is the effect that it has on the absorption of nutrients from the intestine. This increases the amount of any drug or supplement that can be absorbed by the body. It also increases the production of adrenalin and other catecholamines, aiding in management of stress.

Other benefits of Bioperine® include increased production of the body’s bassal metabolic rate for weight loss and management, increased bioavailability, and support of the digestive system,.

MACA – is also known as “Peruvian Ginseng” because it shares a lot of similar qualities with Ginseng, although technically it isn’t a part of that family. Clinical trials have shown that maca may positively impact energy and stamina. Maintaining positive energy levels can also help improve mood, and some early studies have even found that maca may reduce symptoms of depression.

Maca may also benefit sexual dysfunction as well. A 2010 review summarized the results of four clinical trials evaluating the effects of maca on libido and reported that two of the studies showed an improvement in sexual dysfunction and sexual desire in both men and women. However, the other two trials did not find a positive result, so further research is still needed.

Boron – Neutralizes T-killers SHBG and estrogen. Testo Gold’s boron amino acid binds the mineral with amino acids to boost absorption and max out blood levels.

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testo gold testosterone booster natural supplement picture of front and back of bottleTESTO GOLD IS THE FERRARI OF TESTOSTERONE SUPPLEMENTS.


Let’s get started drilling down into some of the details that went into making this impressive test formula.

(*Note: Testo Gold is sold on Amazon and their website at www.TestoGold.com)







Take 2 capsules once daily with a meal or snack. For optimum results, take daily and consistently.



Here are the real reasons Testo Gold is my #1-ranked test stack:

Testo Gold works by boosting T in many pathways, with ingredients that weave together and boost each other. This image is almost accurate, but try to imagine it with more like TEN arrows.

Testo Gold brings you direct PRO-testosterone activities and indirect ANTI-T-killer activities:

Testo Gold’s direct testosterone support:

  • Supplies raw materials for testosterone synthesis
  • Accelerates testosterone & androgen formation
  • Stimulates robust testosterone release

Testo Gold’s indirect testosterone support:

  • Blocks female hormones estrogen & prolactin
  • Inhibits T-killers SHBG & aromatase
  • Improves testosterone:estrogen ratio

With this direct+ indirect stacking strategy, Testo Gold can unleash some BIG test boosts. If you stopped right there, you’d have a solid formula.

But in my opinion, it’s the specific combo of ingredients & forms that make Testo Gold great:


Testo Gold’s formulators selected ingredients that amplify each other for greater benefits — a.k.a. synergy. Testo Gold:

  • 2X reduces girly hormones: Luteolin + boron team up to block T-draining estrogen in 2 unique ways
  • 3X blocks T-killing enzymes: Boron + Nettle + Magnesium block the T-killer SHBG in 3 ways
  • 3X synergy T-boosters: D3 improves magnesium absorption and works well with K2. Testo Gold supplies all 3.
  • Makes itself work better: Boron may increase & maintain 2 other T-boosters in Testo Gold, D3 & Magnesium.

These are just some of the smart formula strategies that make Testo Gold #1.


All that smart formula design would be wasted if they used crappy, cheap, ineffective forms… so instead they use the good stuff.

Testo Gold Review of the Good and Bad


  • Top-Shelf Ingredients – Enhanced-potency forms make these T-Boosters even better
  • Smart stacking strategy – Multi-pathway T support works directly & indirectly
  • Credible – Advanced nutrient forms, science-backed, all dosages shown… looks good
  • Guarantee – They offer a legitimate 30-day free trial; 100% refund if you don’t like it
  • Affordable – When you buy a 2-month supply you get a free bottleGREAT DEAL!


  • Not bodybuilding focused – Works for all men, but there are better “anabolic” test stacks

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testo gold testosterone booster natural supplement picture of front and back of bottle supplement facts nutrition labelDOES TESTO GOLD WORK?

The overall main purpose behind this Testo Gold review is of course, to answer the question, does Testo Gold work? Just because a formula has a lot of ingredients doesn’t mean it works. Some will just randomly slap together herbs, call it a “proprietary blend,” and call it a day.

Testo Gold is different because the formulators clearly put a lot of thought into making a legitimate testosterone-boosting product that works.



I absolutely believe taking Testo Gold has boosted my testosterone levels.
I’ve experienced a wide range of positive effects, all of which could be tied back to higher T levels.

Some benefits I’ve noticed since I started taking Testo Gold:

  • My muscle growth and gym performance have improved, even though I’m not a hardcore bodybuilder.
  • I have lost a few pounds. Nothing huge, but the fat loss seems most obvious around my midsection.
  • Mental clarity is improved, mood too — I’ve got more swagger & confidence when I feel so damn manly
  • My energy levels are enhanced; feels like I wake up more refreshed and have more in the tank at day’s end
  • The most tangible benefit so far is that my sex drive and bedroom performance are through the roof!

I have taken plenty of T-booster stacks.

Sometimes you feel like they are working, but they might be way too harsh (other test supplement side effects I have experienced include cold sweats, aggression, and nausea… big fun).

Others test stacks are just duds that do NOTHING.

  • Testo Gold is one T-booster that I can feel working… but it feels natural. It is hard to explain — it just makes me feel like the MAN I’m supposed to be.

Now, this doesn’t happen right away. For me, it took a few weeks before feeling the effects, After that it just snowballed into overall feelings of strength and manly health!

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In my opinion, Testo Gold is the best testosterone supplement on the market today.  All its ingredients are research-backed for test. All dosages are adequate, all dosages are shown. 13 ingredients are premium in form — highly potent & bioavailable. Also Testo Gold’s formula synergy multiplies its test benefits. For me, Testo Gold is solidly rated as #1.

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